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Well, ladies and gentlemen, It’s that time of year again. The beautiful season of winter is here!

Which means, we need to be prepared. 

Here, you can learn how to prepare your leather boots for the marvellous snowy, cold weather. (or we can do the job for you!)


We always like to give the boots a good clean-up with our trusted Saphir RenoMat. It gets rid of all that dirt, old products and anything else that isn’t welcome on your boots. This opens up the pores for the mink oil to really set into the leather. 


Mink oil is our go-to product for this job. It closes up the pores of the leather to protect it against water (which makes it perfect for our lovely Canadian winter weather) while keeping the leather conditioned and nourished so it doesn’t crack and dry out. However, this product loves to attract dust, so best not to use it on your nice dress shoes/boots! 

Pro Tip: After a couple of hours, heat in the mink oil with a heat gun/hair dryer (lightly). This ensures that the mink oil is soaked into the leather. 


Next it is best to apply the dubbin along the bottom rim. This basically acts as a caulking to block water from entering into the boot. 


Depending on the condition of the boots, you can apply cream or leather conditioner to give the boots more shine, and revive the colour ! We always use our trusted Saphir conditioner and/or creams. 


As always no leather boots/shoes are protected against salt, so make sure to spray protector ! 

P.S. Mink Oil is not recommended for suede material. 

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