Suede Cleaning

Do you smell the crisp air? Do you see the gorgeous leaves changing colours? The beautiful season of Autumn is upon us. And, we all know what that means! Suede shoes/boots everywhere.. 

 But wait! Are they looking kind of dull? Dirty? Need a spruce up? You will be happy to hear that your fav suede items can be restored! 

We have tried and tested so many products, however, nothing compares to Saphir. 

 Their Gommadin is a life saver if you are just looking for a quick cleaning of surface dirt. (To be honest, it basically acts as an eraser) 

If you need a product to give a deep clean, we recommend the Saphir Omnidaim. You definitely don’t want to ruin that soft feel of suede, which is why we carry this super gentle cleaner that is very effective in removing dirt, and marks/stains (unless it is very stubborn). Not only does it work on suede, but it is also great for nubuck, textiles and synthetic materials! (Definite bonus right there) 

One common concern we hear regarding suede materials is how to spruce up the colour.. Our answer? The Saphir Renovatine please. It comes in a variety of colours including neutral, and is made to revitalize the colour and nourish the suede at the same time! 

And, of course, we can’t forget the Suede brush! This is super useful in bringing up the suede hair, while lifting up any of the surface dirt. BUT make sure to rub it on gently as you don’t want to damage the texture and make it go bald. 

As always, we recommend spraying our Saphir Nano protector last of all to prevent salt damage, or any weather elements ruining your fabulous shoes/boots!

Ain’t nobody got time for that? We do! Feel free to bring the items to us as we can clean them for you. 


Have fun, and Happy Autumn!

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