3 Tips for Clean & Polish

Tip#1—> Less is More!

Always start with less product on your cloth/brush. This will make it easier to work that cream/polish into the leather, and give it that nice, smooth shine. Your shoes/boots will thank you. (And, so will your wallet! ) 

Tip#2 —> Condition, condition condition!

Why is it important to condition our leather shoes? Think of it like your skin. Majority of people will massage cream onto their body to nourish their skin and keep it feeling soft after a shower. Same goes for leather. Creams are essential to keeping your shoes lasting longer as it helps prevent the leather from drying up and cracking.  


 Tip #3 —> Shoe Trees 

 Always keep a shoe tree in your shoes! Here at Max’s, we sell the cedar spring-loaded shoe trees which are the best! (Okay, maybe we are being a bit biased, but we have good reason) They smell AMAZING, and the spring-loaded feature is great to give the extra push to open up the creases and keep the shape of the shoe whether they are a round toe or pointed toe.  Also, did you know these ones also prevent moisture damage?! Even better!


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